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2011-05-01 06:02:25 by INeedNoUsername

hi everybody! i'm new here! i upload flashes, such as games or beta tests, by the way, if somebody good at drawing, please teach me how to draw gun(FPS). and in my shooting game, i need code/ how to add movin enemy. thanks!!!


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2011-05-01 09:41:59

Click here to see Ihavenousernames profile m/

INeedNoUsername responds:

oh i see. if you think of im copying him/her, im sorry, i dunno he's exist! maybe its just a coincidence


2011-05-03 15:44:44

Would you make a tutorial on how to make a game like that

INeedNoUsername responds:

ahh, i see. thats great idea! ok ill make them. just please wait. or maybe you should go check lionlev's tut.


2011-06-18 09:13:31

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